Are you located far from a trusted Analog Outfitters dealer or simply want to try the Sarge or the Road Amp through your rig before purchasing? Sign up below to receive an Analog Outfitters amplifier to test and play at home for 10 days!

To participate in this program you must be located in the United States. Next just sign up below and read the terms of agreement.

Terms of Agreement
By signing up for this program, you agree to the following:

  • Shipping fee: You authorize Analog Outfitters to charge a shipping fee of $35  
  •  Late feesYou must re-pack and ship to the next participant by the end of your 10 day trial period or be charged $35 a day for each additional day it is not shipped. For example if you keep the amp for an additional 5 days before shipping, you will be charged $175. 
  • NOTE: Damage may occur. Please be honest and respect the gear, our company, and the program. If the amp is damaged while in your possession, or damaged from improper packing procedures you will be charged for the repair of the amplifier. 
  • NOTE: If you receive an amplifier that is damaged, you will have 1 day to report it or you will assume the charges.
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