AO Gear : Road Amp & Sarge   Most Recent Album :  Cruel and Gentle Things

AO Gear: Road Amp & Sarge

Most Recent Album: Cruel and Gentle Things

Charlie Sexton
Bob Dylan

Best known for the 1985 hit "Beat's So Lonely" and for being the guitarist for Bob Dylan, Charlie Sexton is an American guitarist, singer and songwriter. 

Raised in Austin Texas, Charlie made his debut with Pictures for Pleasure in 1985 at age 16. He currently tours with Bob Dylan. 


“I had this amp from Analog Outfitters. It’s called The Sarge, a 15-watt thing. The stage levels for Bob had gone way down, and we found this thing out of Chicago from a guy who worked on organs! He’d made this amp that comes in this little science box; no taller than an Echoplex. It’s EL84s, but it doesn’t sound like it...the transformer, I’m convinced that’s what makes it so fat. I used that for about the first year and a half I was back with Bob.”