Design your Amplifier

Design and personalize an amplifier, Scanner or MIDI controller to completely fit your artistic needs. There's an infinite list of design options that can be made, so make it easy and work with our experienced builders to customize your gear to be truly one-of-a-kind. Each project is hand built in our workshop in Rantoul, IL. To order a custom piece please contact us


Everything from the wood stain down to the knobs can be customized. Want a yellow and black Scanner? How about a purple Sarge? Check out our design gallery for inspiration. 


wood finishes

Analog Outfitters mixes all its own finishes and can make any color--so make sure to use your imagination! This is just a sample of available colors. 

road signs

Looking for a bright red Road Amp or an orange combo? Choose from our vast collection of road signs to get exactly what you want. 


Sarge Face plates

Do you have an old license plate you want us to use? Send it to us and we'll put it on a Sarge!

Super sarge faceplates

Select a face plate from our extensive collection to be the centerpiece of your ideal amp. 



Collecting thousands of unwanted organs over the years has left us with every type of grill cloth imaginable. Pick the one that speaks to you! 


Even the knobs can be customized. Choose your favorite size, shape and color!