AO Gear:  Bad Lieutenant, Sarge, Super Sarge   Most Recent Album :  Lightning Bolt

AO Gear: Bad Lieutenant, Sarge, Super Sarge

Most Recent AlbumLightning Bolt

Jeff Ament
Pearl Jam

Jeff Ament is the bass guitarist for and one of the founding members of Pearl Jam, a 2017 Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame Inductee.

After ten studio albums and hundreds of dynamic live performances, the band continues to be critically acclaimed and commercially successful -- with over 60 million albums sold worldwide.   

Jeff has also performed as a member of bands Green River, Mother Love Bone, Temple of the Dog, War Babies, Three Fish, Tres Mts., Deranged Diction and RNDM. Additionally, Ament has released several solo albums and projects including Tone and While My Heart Beats.   

A lifelong skateboarder, Ament has helped fund and build over a dozen skateparks across Montana and South Dakota, many on Native American reservations.

About Jeff's Amp: The Bad Lieutenant

The Bad Lieutenant was a custom project build for Jeff Ament. After hearing the tone of the Sarge, Jeff bought a Super Sarge to play bass and record through. Before going on tour with Pearl Jam he asked us to double the power of the Super Sarge for his live performances, and the Bad Lieutenant was born.  Read more about the Bad Lieutenant....