A Labor of Love 

Since 2001 Analog Outfitters has repaired and rebuilt hundreds of vintage Hammond organs in churches, night clubs, funeral homes, recording studios, and private homes.  During these service calls to work on vintage B3 organs, we often encountered many of the other 40-plus models produced by the original Hammond Organ Company who made over 2 million organs from their inception in 1935 until their bankruptcy in 1985. These non-commercially viable models were stuffed into back rooms, closets, or basements.  We were offered countless numbers of these organs, sometimes with the caveat that if we did not take the organ, the owner would be smashing it up and burning it.  As Hammond Organ enthusiasts, this was very difficult to witness.  Over time, we began picking up more and more of these organs like the M3, BV, CV, and D.  We did not have a plan for these organs at the time, but instead started stockpiling them in multiple warehouses, hoping that one day we would come up with a better use for the instruments of such impeccable craftsmanship. 


In 2011, we had our first “eureka” moment when we began using the wood, amplifiers, vacuum tubes, speakers, and wire from unwanted Hammond Organs as the raw materials for our line of guitar amplifiers and speaker cabinets.  As our dealer network and sales increased, we continued purchasing more and more organs to keep up with demand.  Although we were re-using most of the organ parts, we still had no use for the actual keyboard manuals and as such they began to pile up in our warehouses.  Our second “eureka” moment came to us when started to discuss the possibility of turning these organ manuals into MIDI controllers.  Little did we know at the time that we were embarking on a project that would take over two years to perfect!

Introducing: ORGANIC MIDI 

It is with this history in mind that Analog Outfitters is proud to present its line of ORGANic MIDI controllers. Utilizing genuine vintage Hammond organ keybeds and drawbars, these instruments provide the original organ experience with none of the logistical drawbacks. The weight has been reduced to one fifth of some original models, making these instruments lighter and smaller than even the sleekest B3 chop. Without the need for constant maintenance such as tube replacement and generator oiling, these instruments are road ready and make the perfect addition to any stage or touring rig.

We have wired the original organ key contact and drawbar infrastructure into a patent pending MIDI interface which works seamlessly with all of the major organ clone software platforms.  With features such as MIDI and USB connectivity, MIDI merge, ¼” jack for Leslie speed control, and ¼ inch jacks for volume and expression pedals, the customizable control options are almost limitless. We have also designed an optional 6 pin 122 or 147 Leslie speaker output to create the rich, classic tone the organ is famous for. 

Lightweight and portable, the Analog Outfitters line of MIDI controllers are the best alternative to a vintage Hammond B3 for those musicians who need a portable MIDI controller.  For the first time in the history of the Hammond Organ, it is now possible to have a MIDI controller that has all of the convenience of a MIDI instrument while retaining the look, functions, and feel of a vintage Hammond Organ.  


You have made something really special. I could have spent this amount and just gotten a B3, but the versatility the ORGANic 261 offers while retaining the incomparable vintage feel of a real Hammond has made this instrument exceed my expectations.
— Michael Clemente