Road Amp Features:
(2) 6V6 Output Tubes
12AX7 Preamplifier Tube
12AU7 Phase Inverter Tube
5U4GB Rectifier Tube
8 Ohm Output Impedance
20 Watt Class A Power
Vintage Power and Output Transformers
Case made from decommissioned road sign

This gigging-artist’s-go-to-amp is a tank with natural, unfiltered tone. Highly responsive, the Road Amp sounds incredible with everything and will get the job done with a bounty of American beef. Reminiscent of early Fender Amps, the Road Amp is made from two 6V6 tubes and hand-wired point-to-point for a full bottom end with fat, big tone.

Designed with a simple yet effective three-knob control, the Road Amp gives you the ability to play the same note a thousand different ways - and the clarity to hear it. Extra headroom leaves that juice in your back pocket so you can play cleaner longer.

Specifically designed to be tough, the outer shell of the Road Amp is constructed from decommissioned road signs. Having proven themselves for decades on the side of America’s streets, these signs were salvaged as the unique cases for this line of amplifiers.


If you’re looking for a unique, no-nonsense tone machine that will peel the paint off your walls and maybe get you arrested, Analog Outfitters’ Road Amp is a great choice
— Tone Report