AO Gear : Sarge   Most Recent Album:   El Rio - Frankie Ballard

AO Gear: Sarge

Most Recent Album: El Rio - Frankie Ballard

Rob McNelley
Session Guitarist

2014 Academy of Country Music "Guitarist of the Year" Rob McNelley never set out to become one of Nashville's top session musicians… but he always planned on being a songwriter. Long before working with artists like Buddy Guy, Jason Aldean, and Lady Antebellum, McNelley was busy making music of his own, carving out a sound influenced by a lifelong love of electric blues, R&B and roadhouse rock & roll. 

A great testament to Rob's talent comes from his time touring with Bob Seger. After 20 years without playing "Like A Rock" on tour, Seger credited guitarist Rob McNelley in bringing the song back. "He (McNelley) just killed it. It's a very hard song to bring off on guitar..and he had it cold. I said, "OK, now we can finally do it again."