Sarge Features:
(2) EL84 Power Tubes
(2) 12AX7 Preamplifier Tubes
5Y3 Rectifier Tube
8 Ohm Output Impedance
15 Watt Class A Power
Vintage Power and Output Transformers
Re-purposed steel case

Raw, full bodied, versatile, and simple. This all terrain amp is the definition of a workhorse.  Enclosed in a durable case constructed from recycled steel and hand-wired point-to-point, The Sarge is built tough and highly portable for any occasion. Take it on the road or use it in the studio with any instrument, pedal or type of music – you can’t go wrong.

The Sarge is powered by two EL84 power tubes, two 12AX7s in a preamp setting, and a 5Y3 rectifier. This combination gives the Sarge a gritty and authoritative tone that can cut through the mix and provide everything from clean to screaming and crunchy with a tight bottom end.  The Sarge reflects how you hit each note, resulting in a countless number of adjustable tones that still allow the natural sound of each instrument to come through. Despite only having three knobs, you’ll never run out of gravy spots. 


The Analog Outfitters Sarge is a remarkable amplifier dripping with mojo and fiery furnace tone.
— Premier Guitar
I had this amp from Analog Outfitters. It’s called The Sarge, a 15-watt thing. The stage levels for Bob had gone way down, and we found this thing out of Chicago from a guy who worked on organs! He’d made this amp that comes in this little science box; no taller than an Echoplex. It’s EL84s, but it doesn’t sound like it...the transformer, I’m convinced that’s what makes it so fat. I used that for about the first year and a half I was back with Bob.
— Charlie Sexton, Guitarist for Bob Dylan