Hammond B3 to Leslie 122 Connector Kit


Hammond B3 to Leslie 122 Connector Kit

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The B3 to Leslie 122 connector kit is easy to install, affordable, and provides a superior sound compared to rival kits. The kit eliminates the need for a bulky and expensive coupling transformer through a proprietary circuit design that uses the existing output transformer in the B3 preamplifier to couple the organ to the Leslie speaker. The result is a rugged and easy to install connector kit that improves the sound quality and allows a more natural tone to be produced by the organ. 

The Connector Kit includes:

 (1) B3-122 Connector Kit (pictured)

(1) Mounting screws

(1) Wiring

(1) Heat shrinking tubing for wire connection

(1) Installation Instructions

Technical Information:
For G-G Terminal Organs: A, B, C, D, E, BV, CV, B2, C2, RT2, B3, C3, RT3
For 122 Style Cabinets: 21H, 22H, 31H, 122, 122R, 122V, 122RV, 142, 222, 222RV, 242

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