HX3 Organ Module


HX3 Organ Module



HX3 Sound Engine is a completely new approach for a tonewheel organ emulation. HX3 does not use computers, signal processors, sample players or analog circuits to recreate the distinctive sound of an electromagnetic organ. Instead, the original plans of a Hammond® B3 model have been transferred to a detailed physical model and implemented in a logic gate cell chip with around 700,000 gates. The HX3 does not emulate, but recreates the original sound in real time with zero latency. The HX3 even comes with a beautiful rotary cabinet emulation as well as a built-in reverb with three different algorithms.


• Compact organ emulator module with three sets of virtual drawbars (upper, lower, pedal)

• Authentic reproduction of generator, tapering, key contacts, percussion and vibrato by FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array)

• Extremely low internal latency of 50 microseconds

• Natural key click by "rattling" contacts, adjustable key contact flex and damping

• 4 generator capacitor sets, vintage 1955, 1961, 1972 and “recapped”.

• Accurate rotary simulation

• Configurable audio outputs for rotary stereo, plain organ with optional separate pedal, organ with Leslie® 122 amp simulation in any combination

• Accurate vibrato line box reproduction with adjustable depth and capacitor age (affects signal reflection on LC filters) for each setting V1 to C3

• 2 equal MIDI inputs accept 6 different MIDI CC sets: NI B4, Voce Drawbars, Hammond SK and XK,  Hamichord, KeyB/Mojo and a custom set with adjustable MIDI CCs

• 7 LEDs show vibrato and percussion setting

• LCD display and menu system with 2x16 presets, virtual drawbars and parameter tweaking

• Built-in reverb DSP with 3 levels, each adjustable

• Expression pedal input compatible to Yamaha® FC7 and others

• Single or dual footswitch input for rotary control

• Illuminated display and plexi front bezel

• Compact size 221 x 42 x 150 mm (8.7 x 1.65 x 5.9 in.)

• Also available as bare-bone PCB for direct installation

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