Super Sarge Features: 
(4) EL84 Power Tubes
(2) 12AX7 Preamplifier Tubes
5U4 Rectifier
8 Ohm Output Impedance
35 Watt Class A Power
Vintage Output Transformer
Re-purposed Steel Case

Pure tone and power. The Super Sarge uses four EL84 power tubes to double the power of our flagship product, the Sarge. The Super Sarge is what we call the desert island amplifier – if you were stuck on an island the rest of your life this is the amp you take with you. It can take your head off or purr like a kitten. Full of money spots and plenty of growl, it has that extra headroom to keep you feeling safe.

This signature amp resulted from a collaborative effort between Nels Cline and Analog Outfitters. Looking for an amplifier with the tone of the Sarge but cleaner headroom for live applications, Nels helped shape the final version into a powerhouse amp that is equally at home in the studio or on stage.